Can you hook up 2 water heaters

I guess since the present one is new I just didn't think about replacing it!

How to install two water heaters

From an academic side, anyone else have any answers to my questions? However, a new 75 or gallon tank will be more expensive than a new 50 gallon one. Also, once the kids go off to college, we will not need the capacity except when they are all home. Having two tanks may allow one to be taken out use for much of the year, if it is plumbed correctly. Is there ever a situation where a tankless heater is put in series with a storage type? Would that be an option here? With 6 kids and 2 adults we get by pretty well with a 60 gallon tank.

Rather than using a 75 gallon tank too small for you or a gallon tank too expensive think about this:. Add a 40 or 50 gallon WH to service the addition only. You'll have to re-do the plumbing, bring in a new natural gas line and install a vent. You will need a permit. A good choice for you would be an on demand instant hot water heater.

I have just looked into the rheem eco-sense and the rinnai.

They make them up to 7 gals. Your only other option is if you have a gas boiler you could pipe in a 75 gallon indirect water storage unit off your existing boier and combine that with your 50 gal. And then you will have plenty of hot water. In my opinion the tankless on demand sounds perfect for you, when the kids are gone it just sits idle and your not heating more water than you need!

Tank less is very expensive to purchase and install. First off you will need a larger flue then you need for your 40 gallon. Then you need a larger gas line. All this adds to the installation cost. You should also be aware of the newer clothes washers don't have a large enough flow rate to fire the tank less.

This is also true of some new dishwashers. As far as maintenance,depending on your water condition the coil in the tank less needs to be back flushed with white vinegar or it will become plugged. In my opinion there not all there cracked up to be. The electrical panel won't know the difference.

Having two tanks means you have twice the recovery. A single 80 gallon has one element working at a time.

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With two tanks, you can double that. Of course, you also have more exterior space with two tanks that need insulating. Most of the time we would just install a single eighty.

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Twenty years from a water heater? That's pretty darn good. Terry , Jan 29, Jan 6, Location: The tanks should be identical in everyway for a parallel configuration. Hackney plumbing , Jan 29, Aug 31, Occupation: In series each heater is independent. They can be any sizes and even a mix of gas and electric. Dec 28, Occupation: If you buy the cheap HD variety, change the anode or at least check its length. Remove the plastic drain and put in a ball valve, I got one cross threaded that would have flooded a house. You could cut off the original one and drop it into the heater.

And you need a impact wrench to get out the old rods, but for stuck elements, a good chisel and hammer can break the rust if you have good geometry. Better have a BIG genset to run a water heater.

Multiple Hot Water Heaters

Speaking of generators running water heaters,After a hurricane we had I changed my watt element out for a w to heat my water once a day. I just direct wired it to the element and let it run until the bottom of the tank got hot.

Hackney plumbing , Jan 30, Aug 23, Location: Runs with bison , Jan 30, To get the maximum stored water out of your water heater,pipe the incoming line to the drain valve location. Install an alternate drain. Beware of thermal stacking if you pipe the cold to the bottom as this chance increases. Make use of this extra top inlet for an extra anode rod. Actually, you could have just wired the element to volts and had a watt heater. I do it regularly for low use, shop type units My genset will handle the Watt elements, but probably not if both fridges, the septic pump and the furnace all decide to start at the same time, so I may put the HWH on a separate transfer switch.

Ballvalve, I had already planned to replace the cheesy plastic drain with a real ball valve as I have always done before.

How I DIY Installed 2 40 Gallon hot water heaters

I'll check the anode rod tomorrow, and order one if necessary. Thanks everyone for your input!

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  • Offbalance , Jan 30, The only time I would check my anode rod was after the tank was taken out. Hackney plumbing , Jan 31, Nov 20, Occupation: I notice watt elements run on volts give watts, therefore your math works.

    can you hook up 2 water heaters Can you hook up 2 water heaters
    can you hook up 2 water heaters Can you hook up 2 water heaters
    can you hook up 2 water heaters Can you hook up 2 water heaters
    can you hook up 2 water heaters Can you hook up 2 water heaters
    can you hook up 2 water heaters Can you hook up 2 water heaters
    can you hook up 2 water heaters Can you hook up 2 water heaters
    can you hook up 2 water heaters Can you hook up 2 water heaters
    can you hook up 2 water heaters Can you hook up 2 water heaters

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