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It doesn't yet have a name. He was one of many. Curtis reeled off names from yesteryear, including Geocities, FriendsUnited and Myspace. Young told ABC News he has been involved in several start-ups, some as an angel investor. Among the companies in which he has invested is Dogster a canine-friendly website , which was "one of my first forays as an angel investor.

A spokeswoman told ABC News the site will be re-launched soon, though she declined to provide details about what users can expect from the new product.

Alexa Traffic Rank says the site is visited by only 0. We were one of the first social networks. What Facebook stands to gain with its "ask" button. Courtesy Amanda Hall Studios. What are Hong and Young up to today? Senators nearing subpoena for Michael Cohen in Russian election interference probe. How the Larry Nassar scandal has affected others.

Hot or Not Review January - Money pit or real encounters? -

Democrats question acting EPA chief on urgency of climate change, impact of shutdown. American killed in terror attack wanted 'to help people': Rescuers find hair of toddler who fell into a well, giving hope. Tennessee teacher who fled with student gets 20 years. To keep up with rising costs Hong and Young added a matchmaking component to their website called "Meet Me at Hot or Not", i. In the December issue of Time magazine, the founders of YouTube stated that they originally set out to make a version of Hot or Not with Video before developing their more inclusive site.


Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook similarly got his start by creating a Hot or Not type site called FaceMash , where he posted photos from Harvard 's Facebook for the university's community to rate. Regardless, despite any head starts of its predecessors, Hot or Not quickly became the most popular. The concept always remained the same, but the subject matter varied greatly.

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The concept has also been integrated with a wide variety of dating and matchmaking systems. In , as an example of using image morphing methods to study the effects of averageness , imaging researcher Pierre Tourigny created a composite of about 30 faces to find out the current standard of good looks on the Internet as shown above. On the Hot or Not web site, people rate others' attractiveness on a scale of 1 to An average score based on hundreds or even thousands of individual ratings takes only a few days to emerge.

To make this hot or not palette of morphed images, photos from the site were sorted by rank and used SquirlzMorph to create multi-morph composites from them. Unlike projects like Face of Tomorrow, [8] where the subjects are posed for the purpose, the portraits are blurry because the source images are of low resolution with differences in variables such as posture, hair styles and glasses, so that in this instance images could use only 36 control points for the morphs.

A "hot" or "not" style study, involving women and 18 men, at the Washington University School of Medicine , as published online in the journal Brain Research , indicates that a person's brain determines whether an image is erotically appealing long before the viewer is even aware they are seeing the picture. Moreover, according to these researchers, one of the basic functions of the brain is to classify images into a hot or not type categorization. The study's researchers also discovered that sexy shots induce a uniquely powerful reaction in the brain, equal in effect for both men and women, and that erotic images produced a strong reaction in the hypothalamus.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I paid for it too.

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I shut it down. I tried to give it no stars but it wouldn't let me.

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I have one friend that who me that match. I went for match because its the ads are over the TV and subway but im not really getting anywhere yet. Maybe I should have gone for both but I hoped id only need one membership, maybe in hindsight that was a bit lazy. Anyway, it's a good enough site and ive had a couple of date invitations so maybe things will improve soon. After that they show you boys miles away. So don't buy super powers for more than 1 week 2- even with superpowers, they don't show likes, which is impossible since I get favorited all the time 3- they don't refund for credits you didn't want to buy.

If you dont uncheck the box for an autorefill when it goes below credits, they will suck your wallet. So many beautiful women on the site but I think 90 percent is fake profiles because no replies came in and I'm a good looking guy!! Don't pay for the site, it's a waste of money!! First of all let me say I like Hot or Not and really believe they moved online dating mainstream.

But I feel like theyve got lazy. I mean how is it really all that better from other busy websites like wejustfit. I'm not sure the site is all that better than it was five years ago. Sure, it looks more modern and works on mobile but id like to see some innovation from online datings biggest name. I still use it because theyre the market leader, but id like to see them move things to the next level like they once did! A friend of mine made an account with my information, without my knowledge or consent.

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I tried contacting someone to get help, but guess what No one here cares. There's no one who can help. Feelin good rite now at least lol already had a date and findin the site super simple to use and all the other stuff easy enough. Sometimes I dont get replies from the ladies but I just stay positive, cant win them all you know lol! Up until I joined here I was just using wejustfit. I am still undecided if I like it or not.

This site has the same issue as most other dating apps and sites and that issue is called fake profiles! And the site itself is not bad and really easy to use. But once you use reliable dating sites like Mingle2day and Match you will feel the difference somehow. So it did not convince me but it is not bad at all. Whoever has you is the luckiest.

source Well, one girl who contacted me claims she's in the US military stationed in Syria. After a few emails she's head over heels in love with me and wants me to help her go on leave so she can see me. I've since deleted my profile. I had women claiming to be 30 still pictured wearing braces. Either they're underage or police posing as such to snare sex offenders. Anybody admits to me being underage on that site I would block them immediately and report them to Hot or Not.

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This way I'm covered in case law enforcement traces my IP address and shows up on my doorstep. Hot or Not reviews Is this your business?

is hot or not a good dating site Is hot or not a good dating site
is hot or not a good dating site Is hot or not a good dating site
is hot or not a good dating site Is hot or not a good dating site
is hot or not a good dating site Is hot or not a good dating site
is hot or not a good dating site Is hot or not a good dating site
is hot or not a good dating site Is hot or not a good dating site
is hot or not a good dating site Is hot or not a good dating site
is hot or not a good dating site Is hot or not a good dating site
Is hot or not a good dating site

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