Im 28 dating a 19 year old

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A lot of men will want to date you in a non-serious way. The moment you notice a man trying to be dominant, that's a really bad sign. That is when you need to get out. You need to be in a relationship of equals.

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I would not pursue a serious relationship, no. There would need to be a serious effort on the part of the woman and we'd have establish a friendship before the possibility of anything serious opens up. I graduated high school before you were born and there's a major generational gap that would need to be bridged.

Bridge that gap with common interests and it's possible. I'll take anyone I can respect seriously. I have no problem recognizing capable young people. That level of respect would need to be established prior to entering into a real relationship.

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It depends on what you're looking for out of the relationship. Sexual or submissive relationships happen all the time the world over with large age gaps. Meaningful long term relationships as peers you'll probably need to display a level of emotional and intellectual maturity that is not typical for your age with a man that is himself mature enough to not hold a generational prejudice against you.

What are you after exactly? I see what you mean. And I honestly am not sure what I want. Nothing too serious like marriage or anything but nothing casual. Personal perspective here, but at this point in life anything other than looking for a rest of life relationship I consider casual. I'm not saying marriage in x months type of urgency, but if a woman isn't at least thinking if we hit it off we'll be living together within the year I'd say she's looking for casual dating. If all you're looking for are regular dates and sex at some point, but you do not see a long term future potential I'd call that casual.

That's the kind of a generational gap you might find in perspectives with men in their mid 30s or beyond. Mid 20s probably less so. You might not mind but relationships have to work both ways. At this point in my life I don't think I could date anybody under 30 and 19 is still just a kid to me.

Would a 19-year-old dating a 28-year-old be odd?

I would probably date a 16 year old as a 19 year old, and no, they wouldn't need to be pretty special. It's more about their personality and intelligence than age. So you were born in 97? There's nothing I can relate to with you.

Maturity wise we would be so far apart. Also, your life, goals, wants, etc are going to travel to places I've already been or have no interest in going to. You're going to make mistakes I've already learned from.

A close friend of mine was 32, and married a woman who was 21 or I didn't object, because I don't have to live with their decision. But I wondered whether they considered certain important questions. Everybody changes, as they get older. That's not necessarily good or bad. But I think that when a decade or more separates the ages of two partners, the life changes that they pass through will tend to be very different.

Difficult changes to reconcile, perhaps, when the two people doing the changing are sharing a home, vehicle s , and a bank account. It just seemed a little rash, for these friends of mine to bind their lives together, without any apparent regard for how difficult it might become, for them to stay on the same page. Maintain the same goals. As far as I know, they're still going strong after 3 years of marriage.

But I don't know that she won't go buck wild when she hits Freshly horrified to realize that she only ever had one boyfriend, in her whole life. I don't know that he won't start to keep an eye out for a new year-old knockout, whenever his wife begins to look less fresh and dewy than she did when they met. Since I've known him, he has tended to go for young, svelte ladies.

But usually, not ladies who engage in regular exercise. Yes, but she'd have to be mature, not the 'OMG, lets go to the club' sort of girl Which some girls in their 30's are still like. Right, therefore we shouldn't automatically assume that someone our age is any more "on our level" than a particular 19 year old. Everyone is an individual person in spite of whatever statistics and stereotypes are out there. I dated a young woman who was 19 when I was in my early 30's. Went to the movies, maybe got something to eat, I really don't remember.

What I do remember is that in the back of my head I had a gnawing feeling of being a creep.


If she had been more emotionally mature it might have not been so creepy feeling. But she definitely had a high school vibe about her. Ended up driving her back to her car after the movie, nice hug good night, and that was that. I stilled talked to her when she called me from time to time. But no more dates.


Just a friend to talk to when she wanted my opinion. Last I heard, years ago, when she last called, she had a boyfriend around her age in college. When I was 33 I had a fling with a 19 year old and it was awesome. It only ended because she was visiting where I lived for a few weeks and left. Would definitely do again. But, and here's the big but, she was a unicorn. Most 19 year olds are not mature or experience enough to be interesting as a LTR. When you're in your 30's, it's just so, so, so much easier and more peaceful dating a girl your age.

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You've both aged out of most your instincts to cause drama, you have clearer expectations of what you want out of a relationship, and you're more willing to be yourself in a relationship. You're not looking to hit the club three nights a week and have a more balanced approach to life. Some younger people can offer all of that, and they can have successful relationships with much older people, but they're the exception, not the rule.

If you mean deep relationship then no. We will have a very few things in common probably none. However in 4 to 7 years you will rapidly evolve into a different and more mature personality. And then you can hit the market with all your young might: I mean, I don't like to rule people out When I was 28 I was dating a 19 yr old. We had so much fun together. I took her out, gave her advice, and she reminded me what it was like to be that young again.

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