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She is tasked with tracking down how Osborn appeared via hologram in the middle of a supposedly secure press conference.

Hill is promoted to Director in her place. The nickname "Skye", Daisy's original name from the show, is also introduced to comics as Coulson's affectionate name for her, and she is redesigned with the likeness of Chloe Bennet. Daisy Johnson generates powerful waves of vibrations which can produce effects resembling those of earthquakes. She is immune to any harmful effects of the vibrations.

She also has or was given a form of psychic shielding. She is also a superb hand-to-hand combatant, skilled all-around athlete, and excellent marksman.

She was a leading espionage agent, adept at undercover assignments. Her training under Fury enables her to target her seismic waves with pinpoint accuracy, causing targeted objects to vibrate themselves apart, from the inside out. This is shown in her being able to prevent the detonation of an antimatter bomb implanted in the body of Lucia von Bardas by destroying its power supply, and exploding the heart of Wolverine while in his chest, to halt an enraged attack on S.

In Which Grant Ward Can't Stop Kissing Skye, an agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. fanfic | FanFiction

During the " Age of Ultron " storyline which took place in an alternate reality where Ultron nearly annihilated the human race , Daisy Johnson is among the superheroes in the resistance against Ultron. She was then approached by Nick Fury , who offered her superpowers in exchange for joining his West Coast version of the Ultimates. The project was shut down and later reactivated by a corrupt California governor who sent them after the Ultimates.

Quake appears in the animated feature film Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors , with Bennet reprising her role.

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Quake on the cover of Secret Warriors 22 November Art by Jim Cheung. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. Age of Ultron 2. Marvel's Agents of S. Archived from the original on December 25, Retrieved December 9, Retrieved December 17, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved 7 December The Agents of S.

Archived from the original on Quake - News - Marvel. Grant tugged the sheets down to find Skye practically breathing fire while she gave him an aggressive pout. He chuckled and kissed the tip of her nose. Her nose twitched like a rabbit's and he grinned downed at her lovingly. She was trying to be grumpy but he could see a smile tugging at her lips so he kissed them. When he tried to pull away Skye grabbed his face and tugged him down so she could kiss him again.

Luckily it was Jemma who found them half an hour later and there was apparently one lie she could tell. Their relationship wasn't exactly a secret but he didn't like to shove it in Coulson's face mostly because he valued his life. So instead of kissing her like he wanted in public he'd kiss the top of her head, her temple, her forehead, her nose, anywhere he could reach just because he loved her. Anytime the feeling came over him he would kiss her quickly or when she was being more adorable than usual.

She didn't seem to mind it at first but after a while he could sense her annoyance and it was cute so it didn't stop him.

Daisy Johnson

He enjoyed seeing her nostrils flare and the glares she'd send his way. She seemed to finally have enough of his displays of affection one day when they were alone and trying to watch a movie because she shoved him off her and scrunched up her nose so hard her forehead wrinkled. Grant watched her in confusion for a moment. She shot him another glare and he pulled her close and kissed her nose.

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She struggled under him with a pout. She flung her arms around him and kissed him hard on the mouth while wrapping her entire body around him. He grinned against her lips as he held her close. When they broke away he rested his forehead against hers and nuzzled her nose with his own before kissing it. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Agents of S. The first time Grant did it on instinct. The next time he did it on purpose.

are skye and ward dating in real life Are skye and ward dating in real life
are skye and ward dating in real life Are skye and ward dating in real life
are skye and ward dating in real life Are skye and ward dating in real life
are skye and ward dating in real life Are skye and ward dating in real life
are skye and ward dating in real life Are skye and ward dating in real life
are skye and ward dating in real life Are skye and ward dating in real life

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