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The church calls itself the expert in humanity. Yet, do workers in the church have the best conditions of work? Is the church ready to preach by example? How many married men are going to join the church with the present conditions? What type of hindrance keeps married men from joining priesthood? Can we alter something in order to attract the best possible candidates? The financial package is not to be forgotten, plus spiritual, humanistic and intellectual formation. On the part of the laity, are they prepared to study theology and other studies to give a professional service to their parish?

Studying means many years of studies. How can they receive married ones while maintaining the responsibility of the family? What about the general reflection about the family? Are the married ones expected just to obey?

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Are these married priests to be given their right to give a unique feedback to the general church? One of interesting debates is when married priests have teens themselves. Even when they preach to the congregation their own teens will be there! That means somebody who is trying to live the gospel. This week I met some families who are complaining that there teens are abandoning the Sunday Mass!! That would already be a tough challenge for married ones.

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  8. Yet, the challenge itself could prove to be a witness to many other families! Speaking about the teens, what about the women. Is the wife of the pastor going to be a silent spectator? Or is she going to get a significant role in the running of the parish?

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    She is the one to help him going on. She could be the voice of many other women who are still living in the periphery of the parish! With all this in mind, it makes sense to call back all those priests who have left. Once they were at the centre of activity in the parish.


    In these last years, they have lived their most difficult time of their lives. They know how one feels when one is discarded in society. That makes them better candidates to look at those in society who feel not welcomed anymore. Those discarded have always been an important part of the church. Priests today have a dark cloud above their heads owing to the sexual abuse crisis. Yet married priests could prove vital to thwart that conception of priesthood. This is another hidden asset of married priesthood which could link the church with the outside world once again.

    When people talk about married priests, it seems as if we are talking about the future such as when aliens will land on earth! Some might nickname us as rebels or people outside the church! If one uses a search engine, one might encounter a lot of such cases. One particular story is found here. So please note that all those people who might start arguing that a married priest might not have enough time for his wife and children, it is already being done! Obviously, the next question would be: In our opinion it is pure injustice. We are of the opinion that people should start asking for married priests now in order that Pope Francis might say yes.

    He has already shown that he is moving slowly but surely in that direction. We, as a community, we have to understand that we cannot live in the catacombs afraid to mention such subject during our interaction with the rest of the parish! Somebody has to inform the rest of the parish. Somebody has to show the way. This is what it means to be an adult in faith. We cannot rely on others to do this kind of work.

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    8. Most of the people who would call for married priests are unchurched not going to church any more. Pope Francis is not a dictator. He wants to move with his flock. People now are experiencing the lack of priests in so many parishes in the whole wide world except some countries in Africa. Now we either go for married priests or risk of loosing more parishes which would be without the Eucharist.

      The Eucharist is so central for the Catholic Faith. During the mass we hear the word of God can we simply be brainwashed by the media not knowing what God really thinks? We nourish our soul with the body and blood of Christ can our body grow healthy without eating adequately? In other words the body and soul of the Catholic Church lies in the Eucharist. Shall we let more parishes die because of lack of priests or shall we move forward and allow more priests married to work in the vineyard of the Lord? I believe that if our blog has to continue and increase readers, one of the key elements has to be honesty.

      It has to be one of the imperative motivations when working with adults in the church: We are being told that the reason why women are not priests is because Jesus was a man, celibate, and his disciples were men, therefore to follow in his footsteps, a priest must be a man. Married priests, well, it has to do with money, and would cost the Church way too much to support not only the families, but in a case of divorce, it would be too costly for child support, etc. Actually some of my priest-friends who are not Catholic are telling me that a single, unmarried priest in the Western world, costs much more when taking into account the whole picture.

      Nobody can deny that. Again nobody can deny that. In our opinion the conflict is that they have tied celibacy with the priesthood. We are in favour of a well chosen celibacy and not a forced one as it is now, where every priest has to promise celibacy. Regarding the married priest not being available is a lie as most of them are more available more than non-married ones.

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      Apparently, Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene? Otherwise he would have been put to death. So, Jesus was married? She was referred to as the Holy Grail. Mary M followed him everywhere and was also in the painting of the Last Supper, right beside him. Apparently they also have a daughter. Apparently in the past, there was one woman Pope, but the reason she had succeeded in becoming Pope was because she pretended to be a man.

      Evidence proved otherwise when she became pregnant. Apparently the Church is hiding all this from us because it would cause a whole revolution in the catholic Church, starting with women justifying becoming priests, pope, etc. Can you shed some light please…. I have not watched the videos to confuse me even more, but saw that there are tons out there! Well thanks to the internet we are being exposed to more ideas in a shorter time! On the other hand we have to be very careful when it comes to believe who is saying the truth.

      I am Dating a Catholic Priest, can I Accept His Marriage Proposal

      We have seen it before in books and newspapers not all that was published was true , and we are seeing it again on the internet. But in this camp we need people who have studied theology in order to digest everything with theological glasses. Now regarding the special woman called Mary of Magdalene. That was the choice of your editor, Rod. Kelvin is usually much more dressed down.

      Check out his blog for more photos. I know, I'm a retired Canon, previously an Archdeacon, so I'm familiar with the get-up. It's just that I can never resist a joke about our Pythonesque Anglican haberdashery. Email Facebook Twitter Google. Kelvin Holdsworth offers 10 tips for dating priests: Firstly, accept that clergy are people, just like everyone else. Indeed, a more healthy way to look at clerical life is to remember that it is supposed to be at its heart about being very much yourself and very much about living life with passion.

      That means all kinds of passion. Oh yes, that kind of passion too. Secondly, accept that clergy are people not like anyone else. Hath not a priest eyes?

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