Pregnant and we just started dating

We've been married since then and we are perfect for each other.

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Of course, having our son didn't determine that I think it speeds things up either way - if you aren't a good fit, you'll know sooner and hopefully, he'll still be a great father. If you are great together, no one has energy to play games: That was me with my first son. Pregnant after 2 months of dating.

We are now married and on pregnancy 3: I have read the other posts the women have posted. I do not want to scare you or nothing but mine is completely opposite. We stated dating and 4 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. He doesn't want another child so he told me he had a vasectomy and told me that he knew now I wasn't faithful.

Your Likelihood of Getting Pregnant Is Higher with a New Boyfriend

After about a month he came clean and told me he had lied to see if I would tell him if I had been with anyone else which I knew I had not been so there was only one option. I will be 9 weeks tomorrow and we have split up completely and he doesn't want anything to do with me or the baby I'm carrying.

Like I said do not be scared because of my situation because every case is different. All I would say is put your faith in God and it will be fine. Good luck and God Bless. This exact same thing happened to me. August we started dating. October I found out I was pregnant.

It was really difficult getting to know someone while also having to plan your future. Now, we have an amazing 9 month old and bought a house and are 8 wks pregnant with 2! We couldn't be happier! I met my husband in March, we moved in with each other two weeks later, we got engaged in April, and got pregnant in May. We're now on our second child together and celebrating 5 years. I was with my ex before him for 10 years and I couldn't commit. When it's right, you just know it's right. I'm in the same boat right now. We met in November and I got pregnant 3 weeks later.

I'm hoping it's just all the hormones that's making things feel so crazy right now. Hopefully the second trimester will make things a little easier. If this girl is worth it and you can come to terms with raising a child whether or not the baby is yours, it shouldn't matter, but if you really can't, now's you chance to dodge a bullet. Btw, there is a very good chance she knew she was pregnant when you began dating and she let you finish in her as a way to have you believe it was your child. She didn't plan on the medical exams revealing the dates,.

You need to sit down and think hard about whether or not you want to raise a child that may not be yours. The only person that can decide that is you. You need to sit down and think hard about whether or not you want to have kids with this other person who was obviously slutting around and being irresponsible. This actually happened to me a few months ago I got a new job in another city and bailed.

She's not my problem anymore.

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    Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. New girlfriend got pregnant before we started dating New girlfriend got pregnant before we started dating. Want to add to the discussion? Are you already living together too? No, but we have been considering it. That is a gigantic fucking red flag. I have thought he was different from the beginning - I guess this will be the true test tonight. I can't hide it either.

    Or for like a year or 2 for that matter! I just went home for lunch and took test number He sounds like a good guy - so just be honest with him about your feelings. He might be a little taken-back by this news, so don't get upset if he reacts in a weird way. It may take awhile for it to really settle in for him. I was in a very similar situation 2 years ago.

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    My now fiance and I had been dating for all of 7 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. I took a hpt in a bathroom at the university I attend. When it came up positive I just sat there shaking. Unfortunately, I miscarried that baby at 12 weeks We are getting married in May and I am now pregnant again and on week My point being, my partner responded very maturely about the whole situation even though we really hadn't been together very long at that time and 2 years later we are very happy--together!!! I hope it goes well. I am in a similar situation.

    Being Married Vs. Dating
    pregnant and we just started dating Pregnant and we just started dating
    pregnant and we just started dating Pregnant and we just started dating
    pregnant and we just started dating Pregnant and we just started dating
    pregnant and we just started dating Pregnant and we just started dating
    pregnant and we just started dating Pregnant and we just started dating

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