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Visit the Sites Portal for complete coverage. This article needs moar drama. You can help by adding moar drama. Read the 22 Rules for Massive Success with Women. Everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. Espi Master Don Juan Jun 19, Joined Aug 19, Messages 1, Likes I noticed you said my materials helped you in your online dating quest!

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I'm always curious as to how my material has been helpful to others, and I'd love to hear what insights of mine helped further you in your dating journey - do tell!! Jaylan Master Don Juan Jun 20, Let me say this When you read their stories of old school online dating, its amazing how easy and care free it was. Im talking and before I remember using chat rooms and different lil sites pre teens and teens used in the late 90s and early 00s In the early days of the internet boom, before all the social networking and broadband internet It wasnt nothing to log into a chatroom, or sign up for a website, ask a girl "asl?

Me and my buddies even met a few girls who didnt live far from us doing this. And this was as young bucks who werent even 15 yet I cant imagine what we could have gotten into as adults, with money, cars, jobs, and experience back then. And sure we liked girls and wanted to talk to em I always like reading about the good ole days of online dating.

Wish I could have done it. VikingKing Banned Jun 23, I don't put much effort in. Living where I live now without a car makes it difficult unless I can get her to drive out here. I do get fatties that msg me all the time. Even this one girl whos about me section said "I was diagnosed with mild mental retardation, and adhd at birth.

We were sharing stories, and she said "this guy was great in texting, etc. Then we met and he was awkward and completely different. That date didn't go well" So establish the rapport early and get the date I used to be in an online Facebook group with hundreds of women analyzing every single text guys would send them. That's how my online game became so effortless. I know exactly what the meta-frame women have online. This advice is not for newbies. You can see some guys make asinine comments like "that didn't look like game", or "what you say to women isn't very interesting".

But yet, I can still average dates a week. It's like guys are more obsessed with "game" than actual results, especially when it comes to online game and what to say to women. I used to have a facebook group of females sharing their tinder convos. If you read my journal, you will see a post about it. Long story short, anyone can easily get dates a week with simply qualifying and rewarding women.

Like if I were to lose all my harem, social circles, abundance, job, life, and just had the internet I could still get dates a week. Notice women don't even ask me what I do for a living.

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Because I am qualifying them from the start. I am in the driver seat. My online game is so subtle it skips over a lot of people's heads. I purposely make myself look effortless and indifferent. That's how you come across as high value. My "game" isn't what I say. My game is frame game. I am always subtlely playing frame games with people.

So subtle, it's hard to see what I am actually doing. Trying to be super-interesting from the very beginning is the wrong frame and can work against you because she will be wondering why the fvck are you trying so hard.

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Why so many "gold" lines? Is she your last hope for getting laid?

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These are the things women think about. They are always screening you for value in the most subtle ways. And this is why super-interesting guys don't get laid. They are too damn try hard. Whenever I see comments like "What is the best line to get laid in tinder", I end up shaking my head because there are fools who have no concept on how to frame interactions. I don't need to ask a guy or a guru. And I am showing you guys how it's done. It's anti-climatic, or straight forward.

Most women just want to set up a date and see how you are in person, not fall in love or be mesmerized by your "game". This is the meta frame of women online. They see a little bit of potential in you and are curious to see you in person. You will fvck up if you put all the pressure to impress her online. When it comes to "game", the more effortless, simple, and to the point it is, the more beautiful it is.

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A lot of guys have it backwards and think the "more I try hard to sound super interesting and supplicating, the better my game is". As always, when it comes to women, it is not what you say, it's how you come across. Are you a high value effortless guy or a low value try hard supplicating tool? If you had infinite validation you would act just like how I act online. Qualify women, screen them, and reward them if you like them. You wouldn't be super interesting to every random chick, the same way a hot chick would not be super interesting to you right off the bat.

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  4. That is just not how high value people act. If you don't have any abundance, you are going to think you have to be super gamey and interesting. And then you're going to end up walking on eggshells for the rest of the relationship My greatest epiphany with women was not when I discovered how to be interesting. It was when I discovered that I didn't need to. online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating online dating

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