14 year age difference dating

Constant reminders of the age difference can be entertaining, but they can pass easily into the realm of creepy. I made this mistake with my much older boyfriend. Turned out, we were both wrong. Sometimes, I felt like the old one. When he got caught, he had his bank account seized and wages garnished. Then again, sometimes older is wiser. Genevieve has been dating her decade-younger girlfriend for a few years, and their main conflicts come not in the bedroom but in the kitchen. Some behaviors come with an expiration date.

Prepare yourself to feel like an alien upon meeting their friends and family. With the younger boyfriend, I had to contend with his buddies who yammered on about college and getting waaasted on frat-boy beverages like Jagermeister.

Crazy for considering year age difference? - agegap dating resolved | Ask MetaFilter

I just don't know how to move forward at this point. He's very cute, in great shape, and I'm very attracted to him. My friends think I should enjoy him while it lasts, but I could see myself getting attached. I haven't talked to him since our last date, so he has no idea about any of this unless he did some searching on me as well, in which case I may never hear from him again. My question is, am I crazy for even considering this? It can't lead to anything good. It's only been two dates. That is not enough time to determine if someone is right for you or not regardless of their age.

Yeah, he's kinda young. But maybe he's mature enough for his age that it doesn't matter.

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Maybe probably he ultimately won't be mature enough for you in the long run. But you won't know that unless you go on a few more dates. If you do go out again, go ahead and ask him when his birthday is and how old he is. Pretend to be surprised. Volunteer that you're 36 and then go on about your date. You will know from his reaction whether he cares or not. That's a big gap. Does he know how old you are? He's too young now, but it'll be "OK" by which I mean "socially acceptable" by the time you're 42 and he's Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. The only people who decide whether it works are the people in it.

There are a few good reasons to snuff a potentially good thing before it even starts; this isn't one of them. You'd only be crazy for spending very much time considering it before you find out what he thinks about the whole thing -- it could render the whole subject moot. Well, if you want to have children, and thus feel the years going by too fast, there might be a problem, since he is in a very different phase of his life.

If that biological clock doesn't bother you, it is fairly easy to overthink this problem. Though not much can be said, yet, considering you have only seeing each other showing your best behaviour. You are not "crazy for even considering this. That said, I have two close relatives of the female persuasion who have been in long term relationships with men years younger for longer than I've been married going on I really don't know how all this works.

I just work here. No sense keeping secrets. All the best to you. Why couldn't it lead to anything good? Fourteen year age gaps aren't that uncommon, and some couples make it work just fine.

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Given that you've only been out twice, it might be a little premature to be worrying about this. If you haven't even talked enough to have gotten an idea of how old the other person is e. Vanilla Ice comes on the radio in the car, and you say "This was on the radio all the time when I was in college", etc. Like his love of video games, or yours of blasting tribal drum music at 4am. Also, are looking for a serious relationship? If you are, keep in mind that the time you spend dating him and, yes, having awesome sex and mostly feeling awesome for being with such a cute young guy is time that you are decidedly NOT spending looking for the serious relationship you'd normally claim to want.

Not that the two are definitely mutually exclusive. But this kind of thing could keep you distracted or tied up for months or even longer, and who knows, maybe in that time you could have otherwise met someone who is probably better equipped to satisfy some of your long-term desires. If you're getting along who cares? My partner and I are a little over 30 years apart, and I can't imagine being with anyone else. My best friend and her husband have a yr age gap and they're one of the happiest couples I know -- don't worry about it!

That is exactly the age gap between my parents with my mother being the older of the pair, just as you are. Granted, they met when they were a a few years older than you guys are now, but they've also been married for 25 years. So I'd say no, you are not crazy. I know he has no idea I'm that old. It's his decision too, you know. Your question is oddly vague about your own feelings about the situation.


Does age difference really matter in relationships?

You mention his age -- and then skip right to the conclusion that things can't work out. You're leaving out a step in the reasoning. I'm not saying the age gap isn't a potential problem. It could be a big problem. Age matters, a lot. But what do you think is the problem with his age? It might be important when you begin thinking about something long term, but - after two dates?

Just be fair and as long as both of you enjoy the relationship, where's the problem? He probably already knows you're somewhere in your thirties.

This isn't that big of a deal. Younger men are the best!


Eager to please ; Just tell him your age and let him decide. If you're getting along well and he's attracted to you, what's the problem? Nthing just tell the guy your age on your next date and see what he says I'll bet he doesn't even blink before dooming the relationship which hasn't exactly even started yet or beating yourself up that you're somehow wrong or crazy here--you're fine.

You're not wrong, you're not crazy And btw, are you sure the info re his age that your internet sleuthing turned up is accurate? Depending on the source, sometimes it isn't. Some1, I'm older than the poster and not sure "Maggie May" is flattering or helpful. My wife is 14 years older than me.

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When we met, I was almost 22 and she was almost We were married four years ago, after dating for damn near eight years sorry babe! It's been fantastic, but not without issues. Going out with friends - the friends we brought in are, for the most part, around our age, and the older or younger partner doesn't always fit in.

For example, sometimes I go out with my college friends and she feels like the "old lady" in the room. I sometimes have a hard time finding common ground with her older friends. Kids - much shorter time for choosing to have kids. I would have had to commit to becoming a father in my mid- to lates rather than having a more relaxed timeframe if my wife was younger. I know lots of women have children later in life, but we didn't want that.

But really, it's way too early to worry about those kind of issues. See if you click, and if you do, rest assured that YES, it can lead to lots of good! Even if you're wanting kids soon, who's to say he isn't? He might be more ready than you expect a 22 year old to be. Get yourselves into a conversation where you share your ages, don't bring up your stalking episode, and have a real talk about it.

14 year age difference dating 14 year age difference dating
14 year age difference dating 14 year age difference dating
14 year age difference dating 14 year age difference dating
14 year age difference dating 14 year age difference dating
14 year age difference dating 14 year age difference dating
14 year age difference dating 14 year age difference dating
14 year age difference dating 14 year age difference dating
14 year age difference dating 14 year age difference dating

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